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I was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida. During the summertime and just about every weekend during the school year, my time was spent with my family and friends at our beach house a little south of Saint Augustine, Florida in The Hammocks. At 17 years old, my dad passed away to suicide, so my family and I moved to Saint Augustine permanently to start fresh and away from old memories. Moving to Saint Augustine has been so life giving to me; the community, culture and the beautiful environment mean so much to me. My inspiration for my art comes from what brings me happiness. Inspiration from surfing and the surfing culture, bright colors, and having an outlet to express myself are just some of the many reasons I love art. My hopes for my art and the interactions I have with those who appreciate it are to spread love and acceptance. I know how much creating has helped me mentally and I can only hope to help others with my bright colors and happy paintings.

I created this website to help let orders and purchases happen a little more smoothly. I have been using Instagram to sell my artwork, but to have all of my art in one place where people can buy it is really refreshing to have.